Guns didn't kill all those people, the Government did.

A gun can not kill or hurt anyone without a human (or ape or monkey) loading it, aiming it and pulling its trigger. So, what really killed those children in Connecticut and the movie patrons in Colorado? Was it really a sentient “assault” rifle hell bent on ridding this planet of humans?

Many would like you to fear guns as they do. You see, Americans LOVE to make scary things illegal. It’s why we have so many rich lawyers. One day, they too, will feel the sting of uneducated voting morons who hear a scary story and believe it without using their own brains to ask uncomfortable questions.

Do you know what I’m afraid of? Mentally unstable people. People who don’t know how to be part of society in a positive, contributory way. I want mentally unstable people banned by law (and the families that don’t abort them when they have the chance). No, seriously. If the only thing keeping emotionally or mentally challenged people from slaughtering children is a pill… that’s fucking scary.

What’s worse is that these murderous creatures are usually responsible for taking their own pills! Wow! So, crazy people who can’t make good decisions for themselves are responsible for keeping their own craziness in check. I’m not conferrable with this at all.

But, are these unstable genetic mistakes of nature really to blame? It’s not like they materialized in front of their victims armed to the teeth. How did these useless wastes of natural resources get there? Well, they used cars. Cars kill more people in a month than guns do in a year (not counting wars… of course… but that’s sanctioned by sovereign nations so it doesn’t count).

Cars are really scary. Not only do they kill people every hour of every day, they transport crazy people, guns and ammunition to the innocent victims. All cars should be banned from being owned or operated by citizens. Can you imagine how many people would live long and fruitful lives if cars weren’t around to cull the heard?

But, it’s not like these cars can fly or, again, materialize in front of the intended victims. How do these multi-ton harbingers of death get there? I’m pretty sure most cars, and surely the cars of those crazy gun toting mass murders, used public roads. Were the hell did these paved paths of blood and violence come from? Did God build them as a test? Did Satan build them to torment the souls of innocent human beings (and hapless deer)?

A supposedly great man once said, “Somebody invested in roads and bridges.”…”you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”. No truer words have ever been uttered. Honestly, the man that spoke those truths deserves a Nobel Prize or something for being so blunt and honest to a population of, well, pussies. That took guts.

I’m a very logical person. I can connect dots just as well as any other stable human being or Autistic savant. United States President, Barack Obama, has confirmed my biggest fear of all. The State and Federal Governments built those roads. The U.S. government has, through it’s top leader, taken full blame for the unholy slaughter of children, teachers and gloomy goth Batman enthusiasts.

In fact, history will note that President Barack Obama himself really, really, really loves to kill people. Just ask the Pakistanis or the Afghans or the Iraqis or the Egyptians or the U.S. Mexican Border Patrol Agents or Andrew Breitbart or U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens or the United States Marines, or the United States Army…. I’m getting a hand cramp.

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