Democrats blame the Tea Party for the Government Shutdown

Hey, Democrats…. I have some sad news for you:

I’m not a Tea Party member… hell, I’m not even religious. I am a FISCAL CONSERVATIVE.

I’m even greatly disappointed in George W. Bush with is Orwellian increase in government spying and global military actions.

Here’s the thing: I want to see the disgusting expansion of the Federal Government halted. I want business regulations relaxed (not completely), especially on Small Businesses. I don’t want to pay for poor people to sit on their butts while they get fatter each day. I want a public database on where Welfare money is spent. I don’t want to pay for other peoples sex lives (birth control or abortion).

Again…. I’m no Tea Party person (some of those people actually scare me). I’m just someone who is sick of the government using my earned money to subsidize votes and enslave the poor.

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