Clinton started this mess, Bush worsened, Obama trippled it.

Clinton started this recession by forcing banks to give loans to unqualified recipients. These loans masked a failing economy and made it appear that his administration was balancing a budget while people were digging their own graves with bad loans.

Bush worsened the economy by attacking, stupidly, Iraq. During Bush’s term, the housing bubble caused by Clinton burst. This made it look as if Bush was the cause of the economic downturn.

Obama, following in the footsteps of Clinton, created a new bubble to make it appear that the economy was recovering. This bubble is the Fed pumping of money into the banks and stock market. Not only that, banks are being “encouraged”… again… to make bad loans to the poor.

This bubble will pop and, unlike the previous housing bubble, it will brutalize the entire world. The damage that these last three presidents have done is unimaginable.

If Bush never went into Iraq, he could have presided over a real economic renewal.

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