#Benghazi #Hillary2016

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Haiku for #Liberals

I’m not religious.
I’m a #liberal’s worst nightmare.
Cold and logical.

I pray to no God.
Survival of the fittest.
True evolution.

Argue against me.
Argue against real nature.
You will surly lose.

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How the NSA and CIA Get Unlimited Funding

When you put money via check or direct deposit into a bank account, the money is digitally transferred between one bank account to another.

When you put cash into your account, the money is converted into digital data.

When Businesses transfer money into our out of a bank, the money is digitally transferred between the business or two banks.

The NSA and CIA have the ability to mimic a bank.  They can create digital information that represents real money and convert it into valid banking digital data.



When fake data is created and inserted into the real economy, there is no evidence that it’s fake. It looks and acts like real money. They don’t need Congress to fund them. Thus, no one but them know what they are doing. They are financially omnipotent.


All ICONS downloaded from http://www.iconarchive.com

Piggy Bank Courtesy of http://www.designcontest.com.
Money Bag Courtesy of http://www.visualpharm.com.
Dark Haired Woman Courtesy of http://www.icons-land.com.
Office Building Courtesy of http://awicons.com.
Binary Image License: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Lesser_General_Public_License.
Arrow Images License: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Lesser_General_Public_License
Spy Image Courtesy of http://www.seanau.com

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What Difference Does it Make

Hillary Clinton 2016: What Difference Does It Make
Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Slogan: “What Difference Does It Make?”

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Obama Admits that the NSA has Gone Rouge

Barrack Obama and his Administration have claimed that the NSA does not have him sign off on NSA operations. Hell, even the NSA said that.

So… we are lead to believe that the NSA is actively destroying international relations with countries that we consider our allies. They are sabotaging Obama’s foreign diplomacy efforts. The NSA is spending workers money (tax dollars) to harm our nation, our people and the nations of our friends. The NSA, admittedly, is a rouge organization.

If Obama does not immediately dismantle this home grown terrorist group, he is complicit to the damage they are doing. He is a traitor to the United States of America.

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Obama Socialist State
Obama Socialist State

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Ignorance Is Freedom

War Is Peace

War Is Peace

Freedom Is Slavery

Freedom Is Slavery

Ignorance Is Strength

Ignorance Is Strength

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Clinton started this mess, Bush worsened, Obama trippled it.

Clinton started this recession by forcing banks to give loans to unqualified recipients. These loans masked a failing economy and made it appear that his administration was balancing a budget while people were digging their own graves with bad loans.

Bush worsened the economy by attacking, stupidly, Iraq. During Bush’s term, the housing bubble caused by Clinton burst. This made it look as if Bush was the cause of the economic downturn.

Obama, following in the footsteps of Clinton, created a new bubble to make it appear that the economy was recovering. This bubble is the Fed pumping of money into the banks and stock market. Not only that, banks are being “encouraged”… again… to make bad loans to the poor.

This bubble will pop and, unlike the previous housing bubble, it will brutalize the entire world. The damage that these last three presidents have done is unimaginable.

If Bush never went into Iraq, he could have presided over a real economic renewal.

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Obama's Nazi Soldier Guarding an American Memorial

Obama's SS

Obama’s SS Guarding an American Memorial from Americans.

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Democrats blame the Tea Party for the Government Shutdown

Hey, Democrats…. I have some sad news for you:

I’m not a Tea Party member… hell, I’m not even religious. I am a FISCAL CONSERVATIVE.

I’m even greatly disappointed in George W. Bush with is Orwellian increase in government spying and global military actions.

Here’s the thing: I want to see the disgusting expansion of the Federal Government halted. I want business regulations relaxed (not completely), especially on Small Businesses. I don’t want to pay for poor people to sit on their butts while they get fatter each day. I want a public database on where Welfare money is spent. I don’t want to pay for other peoples sex lives (birth control or abortion).

Again…. I’m no Tea Party person (some of those people actually scare me). I’m just someone who is sick of the government using my earned money to subsidize votes and enslave the poor.

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